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Dress Code


Children’s Dress Code

Tiny Tots (Parent and Me and Intro to Dance):

Dancers should dress comfortably for movement. Dance clothes are not required but are encouraged. Bare feet or ballet slippers.

Preschool Dance:

Girls: Leotard and tights in any combination of pink and black. Dance skirts are permitted. Black buckle taps shoes and pink ballet shoes with no laces.
Boys: Black dance pants, white fitted shirt, black split-sole ballet shoe

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary:

Girls: Solid colored leotard and tights or sports bra and dance shorts, hair off face and secure

Boys: black dance pants and shirt or shorts and fitted t-shirt

Shoes Tap I and II: Black Mary Jane style tap shoe ; Tap III and up: Black Lace-Up style tap shoe, (Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary): Tan Jazz Boot, Nude Dance Paws, or bare feet- please see instructor for specifics


Girls: Black leotard and pink tights, pink split-sole ballet shoe, hair in a tidy, secure bun

Boys: Black dance pants, white fitted shirt, black split-sole ballet shoe


Shorts and fitted top (girls should wear sports bra or leotard underneath), bare feet, hair off face and secure.

Belly Dance:

Dance/yoga pants and sports bra or fitted shirt, hip scarf, bare feet or nude dance paws. Hair can be worn down but should be out of face.

Hip Hop:

Comfortable clothing (sweat pants and a shirt), CLEAN sneakers, hair out of face, hats are permitted.


All Black, fitted dancewear for choreography and technique classes. Please see instructor before purchasing any shoes. Hair off face and secure. Exception: hip hop choreography groups may wear loose fitting clothing (sweatpants) in dark colors.


Adult Dress Code

  • Sports bras, fitted tank tops, dance shorts, capri or full length yoga/jazz pants. Hair should be secured back and away from the face.
  • Cardio Barre, Hip Hop:Dress comfortably to move and sweat. Barefoot, dance paws, jazz boots, or clean sneakers for Cardio Barre or hip hop. Please be sure sneakers are clean and dry before wearing in class.
  • Men:Fitted pants or shorts and fitted top should be worn. Please follow class guidelines for footwear.
  • Shoes:
    • Ballet: Canvas or leather split sole ballet slipper.
    • Tap: Black lace-up jazz tap style shoe.
    • Modern, Contemporary: Barefoot or nude dance paws.
    • Jazz: Jazz boot, pedini-style dance shoe, or dance paws recommended. Barefoot also permissible.


**We understand that the adult experience is different from a children’s experience and we want our adult students to feel comfortable. Please dress in a way that makes you feel confident and relaxed. Please keep in mind that the easier it is for your instructor to see your body (especially hips, knees, torso, arms), the more they will be able to help and correct your technique and alignment.**

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