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About Us


We strive to create a safe space for children and adults to explore movement, make social connections, and build valuable life skills through the art of dance. We teach all ages and abilities and strive to meet each dancer at their level to help them achieve their goals and cultivate a love of dance and music. Our staff is comprised of instructors who work to teach each dancer using an individualized, holistic approach and make our studio an inclusive and constructive learning environment. Our priority is always the physical, mental, and emotional safety of our students, in an attempt to cultivate a life-long love of learning, creating, and, of course, dancing.


Our Story

Miss Natalie opened Creative Motion Studios in June 2011 in her hometown of Akron, Ohio. A life-long dancer, she knew at the age of 10 that she wanted to own her own dance studio someday, and she found her passion in teaching young people. Since we opened, our staff has grown to include a wonderful blend of backgrounds and experience that help our team connect with our students and guide them through every stage of development. Collectively, we value a positive and nurturing environment that places a premium on our students' health and well-being, in addition to providing dance classes. We truly want everyone to feel welcome in our studio space and our dance family.

Our Affiliations

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