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“We visited the studio for the first time tonight and will definitely be back!! My Chloe loved the class and best of all felt very welcomed and ‘important’ from the beginning, kudos to Creative Motion staff and students for going the extra step to make newbies feel at home:).” -Melissa, parent

“Natalie, Brenton, and the entire Creative Motion Studios staff have tremendous talent and it shows on stage at each and every performance! My child has made remarkable improvement since dancing at Creative Motion. Technique, choreography are a notch above the rest! And she enjoys it!” -Rebecca, parent

“My daughter has danced at Creative Motion Studios since the beginning. Creative Motion Studios offers a family-friendly atmosphere nurturing friendships and encouraging team-building. The instructors offer discipline while allowing the kids to still have fun. Natalie Orr, the owner of Creative Motion Studios, treats every child like her own. She offers love and support when they need it and encourages their self-pride. Creative Motion isn’t just a studio, we’re a family. I can’t imagine dancing anywhere else.” -Marsha, parent

“Natalie – you, Brenton, and your entire team are amazing! When I think of what you have accomplished… I am in absolute awe. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings. I appreciate everything all of you do tirelessly, every day, without complaint, and always with smiles and positivity for Madeleine, me, and all the other students. Last week, Madeleine said to me on the way home from school & out of the blue “Mommy, you know what? I like school but I love dancing & CMS better than school.” Now while I still expect Madeleine to give 110% to her school education, I was really touched that she has developed a love & passion for dance that I hold so near and dear to my heart. Natalie, Brenton, Sarah, & CMS team – thank you all so much for helping me to instill one of my own core values in my daughter – that is, to bring passion, enthusiasm, dedication, and love to what you love to do… A big muah!!! <3<3<3 ” -Maryellen, parent and adult student

“Our whole family has been talking about what a nice recital it was. The choreography and costumes where great and the skill level of the dancers continues to improve by leaps and bounds. Great job!!” -Jillian, parent

“After just finishing our first dance competition of this year’s season and having Becca in the “teen” age group now, I am so appreciative that our studio owner, Natalie Orr and Brenton Andrea chooses appropriate costumes for our girls and chooses to have the girls express their dance not by shaking their butt or other parts of their body, but by dancing. It’s very uncomfortable to watch young girls and teens – some wearing essentially bras and fishnet stockings. It’s too bad when they win in some categories but I’m glad our girls had a wonderful showing this weekend with great scores as well. Thanks for your hard work with the girls!” -Betty, parent and adult student

“Thank you for everything that you do and for respecting the girls and instilling a sense of integrity in them. Yesterday was truly eye opening for me [at competition]. The thought of [my daughter] doing some of the things that I saw other girls doing was almost too much to think about. I have never doubted that we made the right choice for [our daughter] and her dancing – but yesterday just confirmed that decision 100%. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.” -Michele, parent

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