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Early Childhood Programs

At CMS, we want to share our love of dance, music, and movement with your little one.

Our new schedule will be available in July.

Our early childhood programs begin at 18 months with our Parent and Me class. Our youngest dancers will love dancing and playing with their parent or adult caregiver while learning basic dance movements. This class is designed to help your child learn the flow of a classroom through circle time, following directions, and carefully chosen activities. The use of props, singing, and some sign language help your child build motor skills and an appreciation of music while in a fun and supportive, child-friendly environment. (30 minutes)

Our Intro to Dance class is designed to help your 2-3 year old transition into a traditional dance class. This is not a a parent participation class. Your child will learn creative movement through guided activities and prop play. Singing, dancing, and games will keep your little one happy and excited about music and movement. This class will prepare your child to enter our preschool dance class. (30 minutes)

Our Preschool program was designed specifically for your 3 and 4 year old child. This class combines ballet, tap, and creative movement in a structured but flexible format. Your child will learn basic dance steps through prop play, instructional time, and movement games. Stories and sing alongs will help your child’s love of music grow! Ballet and tap shoes are needed for this class. (60 minutes)

Our Superheroes class is a special class we created to help introduce boys to dance and movement in a way they can relate to. The class combines hip hop, martial arts, and creative movement principles and uses a superhero theme to tie it all together. It is geared toward 3-6 year old boys, but girls are welcome to join the fun, too! (30 minutes)

We offer a special Mini-Recital for our early childhood programs to offer our youngest students the opportunity to perform and enjoy the fun and excitement of being in our recital, while keeping it short and easy for both the kids and parents. The entire show is typically 30-45 minutes in length and includes a special finale performance geared specifically toward our youngest dancers. We strive to make it a fun and stress-free event for everyone!

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