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Classic Dance Programs

The Adventures Continue…

Our staff is committed to providing quality instruction while instilling a love of music, dancing, and art in your child.

Our new schedule will be available in July.

We offer multiple levels of many different dance styles for children ages 5 – 18 in our classic dance programs.

Ballet: The foundation of all dance styles, ballet teaches discipline, dedication, and the importance of hard work. Dancers will learn this beautiful dance form through barre work, center work, and progressions across the floor.

Tap: This percussive dance style will teach your child rhythm and musicality, as well as some fancy footwork. Broadway and rhythm tap styles will be taught.

Jazz: This fun, high-energy dance style will teach your child to enjoy the music and get your little dancer moving and grooving! Jumps, turns, and leaps along with fundamental jazz steps and technique will be taught.

Hip Hop: This street style is a fun, athletic dance form. Your child will learn classic moves and techniques such as  gliding (think moonwalk), waving, popping, locking, and breaking.

Lyrical/Contemporary:  A blend of ballet and jazz techniques, emotional musical connection, and strong but graceful lines give lyrical its style. Jumps, leaps, turns, and progressions will be taught. Dancers must be Level II or higher to take lyrical.

Belly Dance: Belly dance involves layering isolated movements on top of one another to create a complete dance. Progressions and center work will be taught.

Acro: Basic tumbling, contortion, and inversions will be taught. Students will gain strength and flexibility in addition to learning tricks.

Flexibility & Conditioning: This class begins with a long warm up designed to strengthen the body and prepare it for intense stretching. Active stretching techniques will be used to allow the body to stretch safely while also building strength.

Musical Theater: Your child will explore acting along with basic movement skills in this fun theater-based class.

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