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Adult Dance and Fitness Programs

No experience necessary!

Our adult classes offer ongoing and open enrollment, so you can join at any time. We offer punch card pricing as well as drop-ins to accommodate the busy schedules of our adult clientele. (See our pricing here.) This means you only pay for the classes you actually take, and our punch cards can be used for any of our adult classes. No need to preregister.

Want to get started? Stop in a few minutes before the class you want to take to fill out some quick paperwork, and you’ll be all set! Your first class is on us!

Information on our adult dress code can be found at the bottom of the dress code page. Click here to view.

We offer many performance opportunities for adults interested in them, but performing is never required to participate.

Adult Class Policy: Due to our open and ongoing enrollment and no-cancellation policies, any adult class with only one attendee will be treated as a 30-minute private lesson for the cost of one punch or drop-in fee. You will not be charged extra for the lesson and the lesson will be tailored to your needs.

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