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Special Needs Creative Movement Program




What does the class entail? What will my child do in this class?

Have fun!! This class is meant to offer socialization, skill-building, and recreation to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in a dance class. The children will dance, play with props, learn about being in a classroom setting, play games, and explore music.
What should my child wear for this class?
Your child can dress comfortably for movement. We understand that many children have sensory needs that inhibit them from wearing typical dance attire, so we are happy to accommodate those needs, and bare feet are perfect for dancing on our specialty flooring. On the other hand, any student who wants to “dress the part” is always welcomed and encouraged to do so. We offer many dance wear options in our boutique.
What makes this class different?
We offer a higher teacher-to-student ratio and limit the class size even more to offer more personal attention. We are able to keep the music low or off if needed, and can adjust activities according to the students’ individual needs. The class is offered during a slower time slot to help keep students from getting overstimulated or overwhelmed by the busyness of our waiting room, which for a child with SPD or ASD could be too much. Additionally, our instructors are highly qualified and equipped to implement a variety of interventions and accommodations as needed to help a child develop important skills in a fun and safe environment.

Can my child’s sibling join the class as well, even if he or she doesn’t have special needs?
Absolutely! We have had several siblings sign up together for this class. It is a wonderful learning environment for children of all abilities and convenient for their busy parents. Additionally, it often helps a hesitant child feel more comfortable in a new environment. From the beginning, this class has always been integrated and will continue to be for as long as we offer it.
If my child has special needs, is this their only option for dance classes?
No way! We have several children (and adults!) with different abilities integrated throughout our various programs. We believe strongly in individualized learning and have worked with many families to find the right fit for their unique child. We offer this class specifically for the children who feel more comfortable and confident in a controlled environment, or who want to ease into a new learning environment. From our vast experience working with children of all abilities, we know that no two kids are the exact same; what works for one child may not be the right fit for another. This class simply provides an additional option for children whose needs require particular interventions that cannot be accommodated in a typical classroom setting. We have also had several students start in this class and move into our Early Childhood or Classic programs when ready.

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