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Question: What are Haflas?

  • Haflas are parties traditionally centered around belly dance performances. At CMS, we like to add various styles to the mix, but the basic formula remains the same: pay a minimal cover charge, bring your own beverage and a cushion to sit on, enjoy light snacks and tasty treats provided by the studio, and watch amazing, family-friendly dance performances by Veritas Dance Company, CMS students and faculty, and friends from the dance community.Interested in performing at one of our haflas? Please email us at for information on how to participate.


Question: Do you accept credit cards?

  • YES! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. We also accept cash and checks.


Question: Can I enroll in an autodebit payment program?

  • Yes, we do! This program is new for our 2014-2015 season and we are very excited about it. Please see the front desk for more details.


Question: How many dance rooms do you have? How big are they?

  • We have three spacious dance rooms. Studio A is approximately 1400 sq. ft., Studio B is approximately 775 sq. ft., and Studio C is approximately 450 sq. ft. All of our rooms boast high, open ceilings and full-length mirrors.


Question: What type of flooring do you have in your dance rooms?

  • Our dance rooms feature a specialty sprung Stagestep brand Springstep IV subfloor system and Stagestep brand Timestep Marley-type vinyl surface specifically made for accommodating all styles of dance, both soft shoe and percussive. The sprung subfloor provides a bit of spring and helps prevent injuries and fatigue, while the vinyl surface provides the right amount of ‘slip’ for dancing barefoot and enough grip for dancing in shoes. To view samples of our flooring system, please see our front desk staff; they will be happy to show you.

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